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2 ̿ý мȸ (ICSRC)


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ICSRC ̿ý(ȣ) ϴ мȸԴϴ. ̿ý ʹ ѱ Ŀ ޴ ҷν, ȸ ӿ ߻ϴ ȣ (̿ý) ؿ ΰ ֽϴ. 2012Homo Sensus: Perception, Emotion and Semiosis ΰ νİ ϴ ù° мȸ Ͽϴ.


ι° ICSRC(ICSRC-2014) ġ ѱܱб 2014 5 23Ͽ ֵ Դϴ. ICSRC-2014 Narrative and MultimodalityԴϴ. ΰ ̾߱⸦ ̾߱ ϴ. Ƽ ڽ Ȥ ȭ ȣ ֽϴ. Ƽ ֿ , ġ ð ̹, ΰ, ̾߱ ǻ ϰ ֽϴ. ׷Ƿ Ƽ ߱ȣ پ ۿ ɿ ǵǾ մϴ. ȸǴ Ƽ ǹ, Ư Ҿ ǰ, پ 丮ڸ, ȭ Ƽ پ Ư¡ ϴ ǰ մϴ.


  • Maria Patrizia Violi, University of Bologna, Italy

  • Morana Alac, UCSD, USA


ʷ ʴϴ.

ۼ 400ܾ з ǥ Ȥ ǿ Ͻ 39ϱ hksemiosis@hufs.ac.kr or hyugahn@hufs.ac.kr  

Ͻø ˴ϴ. ̹ ICSRC-2014 õ˴ϴ.

. Chronotope

. Cross-Cultural Comparative Literatures

. Cognitive and Semiotic Approach to Multimodal Texts

. Context-Specific Multimodality

. Digital Media and their Narrative Processing

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