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관리자 에피스테메 12호 (2014) La perspective ethique de la didactique des langues-cultures 1,154
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La perspective éthique de la didactique des langues-cultures
Hoda Khayat / Hamid Reza Shairi / Rouhollah Rahmatian / Roya Letafati

The ethical dimension of teaching is rooted in dynamicity which in turn is in an interrelated and trans-individuality space. This dynamicity is generated by forces which reflect the ways human subjects act. Insofar as ethics opens a perspective to the other individual, the ideal and the new action, we are in a deictic orientation which gives the symbolic gestures a pragmatic dimension. Thus, the interaction ethico-didactic provides teaching-learning process with a performative and anthropological sense. So, it would be interesting to use the applied predicates which relate the educational subject with other individual. In which sense are these predicates available to create ethical-didactic activities?
Our task is therefore to examine the application of predicates which would lead us to an action or a social project created by the ethical sense.

ethical-perspective, didactics-of languages-cultures, teaching/learning, transindividuality, applied-predicates

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