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관리자 에피스테메 12호 (2014) La transmission de la violence dans l’institution medico-sociale 1,255
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La transmission de la violence dans l’institution médico-sociale:
Explication et compréhension des processus de violence institutionnelle, à partir du concept de transmission

Christophe Dargère

The maintenance of the teenage population mental retardation within this system, perversely, is facilitated by function of the institution, and in particular by the culture and the transmission of institutional violence through which it is regulated. This research proposes to demonstrate how the proximity and heterogeneity of the inmates, the complexity of the mission entrusted to the institution, the sanction of institutionalising a child, and the working conditions of the staff, all have resulted in a combination which is complex, pathogenic and intractable.

institutional violence, transmission, contamination, teenage, mental retardation, medico-social institution

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