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관리자 에피스테메 12호 (2014) Violences juveniles 1,066
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Violences juvéniles
un mode de transmission médiatique

Daniel Moatti

The intergenerational transmission of Republican and moral values through the school system raises the agreement of all. These values remain transmitted the values of the French Republic summarized by the motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”. They are those of the Declaration of the Human Rights and the Citizen of 1789, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, protection of property and persons, solidarity, protection of the weak by the Republic. However, this ideal fails to be transmitted due to a strong disturbance to which neither the police nor the appeal to reason could not stop because media violence is needed via the most extreme films and video games with a computer-dependent youth to television screens, digital and connected. A trivialization of media violence satisfies the normalization of juvenile violence which in turn leads to a violence-against-profile adult. A vicious circle snaps and it is difficult to understand how to stop it.

juvenile violence, media transmission, computer-dependent, media violence

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