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관리자 에피스테메 12호 (2014) L’utilisation des rites et symboles dans l’enseignement superieur 1,174
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L’utilisation des rites et symboles dans l’enseignement supérieur:
transmetteurs ou vecteurs d’aliénation ?

Martine Cazier / Richard Delaye / Yves Enrègle

Following a transdisciplinary research day organized on the theme “Business and sacred” [4], most of the articles submitted related to the ambiguous question of the rite. Whether the ritual of annual appraisals, rites observed in the prestigious training school for officers of the French Air Force (Ecole de l’Air) or culture corporate Michelin, we can admit that “no leader can ignore this dimension without the risk of weakening the organization” (Lardellier & Delaye, 2012). In reality, we are forced to recognize that the rite brings a bond that transcends and forges the identity of the group by giving it meaning and order essential to its survival. Without rites, it is difficult to perpetuate memory and tradition and therefore the transmission.

rites, symbols, traditions, higher education, organizational management, transmission

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