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관리자 에피스테메 12호 (2014) EcoBalade: Les transmissions multiples d’un objet nomade 1,222
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EcoBalade: Les transmissions multiples d’un objet nomade
Lorrys Gherardi

Technology package designed around a web platform, a digital nature guide and the presence of a naturalist guide, the écoBalade intends to be a training vector service for transmissions and discovery of the fauna and flora commons and remarkable in a given territory. With the help of is a tool of naturalistic observations or its smartphone, the user has the possibility to identify a species, to score an observation and sharing his discoveries within a user community.
Each new application leads to measurable effects for most a fairly normal and an expected manner. However, users feedback on this service have led us to identify other functions that the “only” knowledge management of local biodiversity. Indeed, intergenerational transmission of technologic knowledge, culinary, patrimonial and natural knowledge has been raised by the eco-players.
The intermediations and collective co-construction of the equipment écoBalade assumes that the project is primarily an experimentation of creation and then an usage innovation. But in what écoBalade is a tool of intergenerational and patrimonial transmissions?
The observation will initially focus on the assessment and management constraints and assimilation by the eco-players. We will use interviews and questionnaires on the new use of this new technology. We will question the subjects in the control group on the functionality and openness of the service itself.

écoBalade, digital guide, tool, usage, territory, mediation, intergenerational, patrimonial, transmissions

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