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Note to Contributors

1) Contributions should be in English, French, German, Japanese, or Korean. Manuscripts should be submitted as e-mail attachments to <cacsadmin@korea.ac.kr>. Files should be saved as Microsoft Word files or converted to Rich Text Format.

2) Manuscripts should be reasonably divided into sections, and where necessary, subsections, with numbered headings. All pages of manuscript should carry page number. An abstract (maximum of 200 words) summarizing the whole article ; five keywords; and a bionote (maximum of 75 words) should also be supplied. Emphasized expressions should be italicized.

3) Line drawings (called 'Figures' in the text) and photographs (glossies, not negatives, called 'Plates' in the text) must be reproducible and should be carefully numbered and labeled.

4) Tables should be numbered consecutively and titled, and must be referred to in the text.

5) Notes should be kept to an absolute minimum. Each of the notes should be followed by a footnote, placed at the bottom of the pages of text, containing the bibliographical details of the work(s).

6) All citations in the text must be listed fully in a Bibliography section at the end of the manuscript, by alphabetical order of authors, with complete bibliographical details. Journal and book titles must be given in full and italicized. The Bibliography list should be presented as follows:

Barthes, Roland (1970). Elements of semiology, A. Lavers and C. Smith (trans.), Boston: Beacon Press.

Derrida, Jacques (1982). LOreille de lautre: otobiographies, transferts, traductions, Quebec: VLB Editeur.

__________________ (1967). LEcriture et la difference, Paris: Seuil.

Fish, Max H. and Cope, Jackson I. (1952). "Pierce at the Johns Hopkins University", Studies in the Philosophy of Charles Sanders Pierce, Philip P. Wiener and Frederic H. Young (eds.), pp.277-311; 355-360, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

7) Corrections. Authors are asked to check their manuscripts very carefully before submitting them in order to prevent delays at the proof stage.

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